A firefighter battled the Sugar Fire in Doyle, Calif., this month. More than 80 large fires are currently burning across 13 American states, with many more across Canada, and the effects are being felt thousands of miles from the flames. Air quality was in the unhealthy range across much of the East Coast on Wednesday morning, and the haze was pushing southward toward Washington, D.C., and Virginia. We built an interactive map, based on modeling from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that shows how smoke from fires traveled across North America to reach the East Coast. You can see it here . A storage room at Dario Sattui’s winery, Castello di Amorosa, in Calistoga, Calif., that burned in the Glass Fire.Credit...Jim Wilson/The New York Times Fire, drought and heat scorch the land of reds and whites Last month, I flew to Northern California for what I thought was going to be a straightforward assignment about wineries that can’t get insurance because of the risk they face from wildfires. It turned out, the story was about more than just wine. What I found was a warning about how hard it will be for American agriculture to hold out against global warming. In Napa Valley, climate change is already wiping out vintages from winemakers who produce some of the country’s finest cabernet sauvignons, zinfandels and other reds. Drought means less water to irrigate, even as hotter temperatures make irrigation more important. Those grapes that survive can be ruined by smoke from wildfires, which destroyed much of last year’s crop. And making everything even harder, those same wildfires are now preventing wineries from getting insurance. In response, as I wrote this week , the winemakers I spent time with are trying everything they can, from spraying a type of sunscreen on vines and grapes to filling empty reservoirs with recycled wastewater. But the valley, once a showcase for the best of American agriculture, increasingly demonstrates the limits of adapting to a warming world. The United States and the European Union are considering import taxes on goods from countries that don’t have ambitious plans to fight climate change. The Biden administration is moving to restore protections for Tongass National Forest in Alaska, reversing an effort by former President Trump to introduce logging and mining. There’s a brawl on Capitol Hill over President Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management.


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A new free job training program is hoping to attract more women to the North Texas construction industry and it’s targeting those that live in read this article southern Dallas – where unemployment is three times higher than the rest of the county. The six-week course called ‘Women In Construction’ provides job training, industry certifications and help with job placement. Part of the United Way’s Southern Dallas Thrives initiative, the course is focused on helping Black and Latinx women in southern Dallas gain access to better-paying jobs and improve workforce equity. "A lot of individuals that we are already working with have disparities from the southern sector and we’ve seen those exponentially grow and increase over the last year and a half," said Ashley Douglas, senior director of the United Way's Southern Dallas Thrives initiative. In addition to the training, the program provides transportation and housing resources while women are enrolled in the course to help lift any barriers that would prevent them from more… completing the training. Our redesigned local news and weather app is live! Download it for Apple or Android — and sign up for alerts. "You can’t necessarily focus on curriculum if you are worried about housing or if you don’t have access to food for your family," Douglas said. "So these are all necessary resources that we know our participants need to be successful in any training or curriculum we can provide." Jasmine Wallace was among the program’s first graduates this summer. Flight Cancellations Continue 2 Days Post Storm She actually left a job in construction to grow her skills through the program. “You don’t see too many women [in construction] so to have someone on our support team really pushing the issue and trying to get more women on the construction site that’s a good thing,” Wallace said. Michelle Wheeler also completed the program. “It’s great adding to the skills that I already have being in this program for construction,” Wheeler said. “It’s really opened up doors to a lot of opportunities. My goal for the future is just independence and being able to help the next person.” Douglas said more than 60% of the graduates of the first program immediately landed work in the construction industry upon graduation. No experience is required to enroll in the program. To enroll in the Women In Construction program, visit the United Way .