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That person may not yet be in your orbit.But you can find them through organizations such as Score , A national volunteer organization that offers free business mentorship. Score CEO Bridget Weston can narrow down his search for mentors by defining goals, whether he wants to excel as a manager, save for retirement, or get more involved in the place of worship. increase. “Be sure to understand your goals and what you are looking for in a mentoring relationship,” says Weston. “Then you can approach them and say,’This is what I’m looking for. Does this work for you?” Mentorship is a relationship, and even the simplest relationships require time, energy, and concentration. It also needs to be open and vulnerable. — Don’t be discreet: Confessing your fears and doubts doesn’t happen on the first day or the first day. But as your mentorship grows, try to open it up. “To get the most out of that relationship, you need to gel with your mentor,” says Weston. “If you’re suppressing or not 100% genuine, you can’t get the most out of it.” Jennifer Jones, founder of the cooking company Cosmopolitan Plated in Arlington, Virginia, offers group cooking classes and team building events, and if you’re worried about doing so after a few sessions, another Consider looking for a mentor. “It’s like dating someone. It takes three dates to understand who they are,” says Jones, who has a life coach and business mentor. “If you find that it’s not working after that third meeting, please kindly let me know. They will understand.” — Work: This is not a college class where you can skim the assignment 5 minutes ago and flap it during class discussions. To get the most out of your mentorship, take notes during the meeting, prepare your questions in advance, and most importantly, do what you say. “There’s a problem here. If you’re not working on them, they don’t mean anything to you,” Jones says.


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