By: Nick Reynolds, WyoFile.com via Wyoming News Exchange - Updated: 1 week ago WYOMING -- Wyoming lawmakers rejected a proposal Wednesday by State Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper, to give the Wyoming Legislature the power to audit elections.  Gray, who is running for Congress against incumbent U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in next year’s Republican primary, has made “election integrity” a centerpiece of his campaign. Gray has also touted his visits to the site of an election audit in Arizona inspired by former President Donald Trump’s disproven claims the 2020 election was stolen from him.  County clerks’ offices are responsible for auditing elections at the county level. Wyoming does not require a statewide audit of election results.  Gray’s proposal, which failed by a raised hand vote of 8-2, proposed bringing the Wyoming Department of Audit — which primarily handles financial and government performance audits — under the umbrella of the legislative branch. He also proposed authorizing it to audit elections.  “I think it’s time that the Legislature takes on this function and does financial audits, performance audits and — in light of the problems that we’ve seen across the country — also has the discretionary ability to manage election audits,” Gray said. Gray did not elaborate on the problems he saw with national elections during the meeting or in a subsequent text message exchange with a WyoFile reporter. Gray also claimed an audit program could be established without increased cost to taxpayers, which some lawmakers disputed. Election fraud is exceedingly rare in Wyoming, according to the right-leaning Heritage Foundation, with just three reported instances since 2000, none of which affected election outcomes.  Gray, however, has echoed disproven assertions that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged,” and rife with voter fraud. In the 2021 legislative session Gray successfully sponsored voter identification legislation. The emphasis on “election integrity” aligns the U.S. House hopeful with national political figures like Republican Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and former President Trump. Nationally, most allegations of election fraud in the 2020 election have gone nowhere, according to a database maintained by the American Bar Association. Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, a member of the Management Audit Committee and one of Gray’s opponents in next year’s race, accused Gray of pulling a political stunt. While he said he supported similar legislation in the past, Bouchard has largely rejected claims of rampant voter fraud in the 2020 election. “I’m disgusted that you’re pulling this election issue because you’re running for office here,” he said.


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Some of the moves in Kata, which is judged based on a competitor's form, include: Saifa Kata: This translates to "to smash and tear" in English. It involves tearing oneself from an attacker's grip, then countering with punches, back fists, and hammer fists. Chinto Kata: This means "crane on the rock." This move uses a one-legged stance, resembling the one of the spindly bird, about to strike. Chinte: This translates to "unusual hands" or "incredible hands," and it gets its name from hand techniques, including defenses involving the use of elbows, spear hands, and palm strikes. Spanish athlete Damian Quintero, a world champion in Karate Kata, trains in Madrid on June 3, 2020. Here are some terms for Kumite, where two people spar against each other: Shobu Hajime: This means the start of a karate match. Yame: This means "stop," usually for an interruption mid-match or at the end of the match. Tsuzkete: This phrase roughly translates to "fight on." It can be used after an official stoppage or informally if the referee feels that the fighters have been inactive for too long. Aka (Ao) No Kachi: This signals a win at the end of a match. The referee extends their arm up on the side of the winner. Hayley Wilson of Australia competes in the women's street skateboarding event on July 26 at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Skateboarding is also new to this year's Olympics. The men and women's street events were held last week, with the park events taking place this week. Unlike street skating, where skaters navigate stairs, handrails, benches and other obstacles typically found in urban streetscapes, the park events feature riders tackling a hollowed-out course of curves and bowl-shaped ramps. Here are some key skateboarding terms to keep in mind, according to the San Francisco Exploratorium's skateboard science glossary. Deck: The flat part of the skateboard a rider stands on. Bail: When a skateboarder falls or decides in mid-air to not land a trick. Bank: Any kind of incline used for a trick. Momiji Nishiya of Japan reacts after winning the women's street skateboarding event on July 26 at the Tokyo Olympics. Goofy-footed: Riding with the right foot at the front of the board (instead of the left foot, which is more common). Grind: Scraping the board's axles on any kind of railing or curve.