• Brittle supply chains require supplier quality to be tightly integrated with supply chain management. • Frictionless scalability is essential to mission-critical global harmonization and digital transformation use cases that rely on quality management. • Ultimately, quality champions need increased visibility into data and analytic insights so they can take informed action to drive continuous improvement in real time. Notably, the company has developed this release in a way that allows customers to easily upgrade, preserving their existing investments in quality workflows and configurations by building on the strengths of the current code base. This simple and direct path to a cloud-native enterprise software environment is an accomplishment that is unique not only to the quality management world but to enterprise software, in general. ETQ Reliance NXG provides a comprehensive, flexible and proven software system that can adapt quickly to market shifts, technology changes, and unique customer requirements, and serves as a catalyst for digital transformation through advanced analytics and enterprise-wide integration. Additionally, for digital transformation to take hold in an organization, a genuine next-generation QMS must allow easy and productive engagement of via all stakeholders inside and outside the organization to spur continuous improvement and pathways to excellence. The technological foundation of Reliance NXG is based on four value pillars: usability, flexibility, visibility and scalability, enabled by advanced cloud-native technologies and a transformational vision. • Usability: The solution’s new search capability enables users to quickly find anything with-in the system, with enhanced navigation to streamline the user experience from any device. • Flexibility: New integration features, built upon a multi-tenant architecture, allow customers to break down the barriers that limit collaboration and keep up with changes in their business. • Visibility: Digital transformation efforts will drive QMS solutions deeper into an organization’s enterprise technology stack. Powered by Insights analytics, workflows can be con-figured to automatically classify events, improving the speed and accuracy of decisions. Users are provided not just with better information, but also guidance that can be used to streamline investigations and root cause analyses. • Scalability: The cloud-native QMS enables enterprise-wide quality processes, providing support for any number of users, any volume of data and any configuration with a high-availability architecture with no single point of failure. Customers in regulated markets can leverage ETQ’s expedited validation and risk-based verification to reduce testing effort required. Reliance NXG provides rapid time-to-value to multiple organizational stakeholders.


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In addition, OSHA’s amendments propose updates to the HCS classification and labeling framework to be consistent with more recent versions of GHS. OSHA’s proposed HCS amendments have the potential to affect many products used on construction sites, including aerosolized products and products in small containers, as well as alter some chemical product labels and SDSs, the attorneys note. They add, “Construction workers often encounter and use materials that are or will be defined as ‘hazardous’ under the HCS.” These materials include, but certainly are not limited to, all cleaning products used for sanitation, paint and concrete. One major amendment proposes to revise criteria for the classification of certain health and physical hazards, including unstable gases, non-flammable aerosols, skin corrosion, or irritation, eye irritation and aerosols, generally. The proposed amendments also would create a new hazard class for desensitized explosives. If the proposed amendments become effective, covered employers in the construction industry will need to ensure proper product classification, update their written programs, SDSs, and training materials to comply, the attorneys point out. “Employers also may need to modify their labeling procedures and methods of communicating chemical hazards to workers and other employers on site,” they explain. “Once these changes are complete, employers will have to train affected managers, supervisors and employees.” Some stakeholders have opposed the amendments. California’s Division of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), for example, has expressed a fear that the proposed amendments will limit protections for workers. Cal/OSHA submitted comments with the federal agency contending that the amendments will reduce the amount and quality of chemical hazard information available to workers, asserting this is because it discounts chemical evaluations from the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies. The proposed amendments also may conflict with hazard communication and regulatory frameworks already adopted by some states. These are already in place in California and Washington state, Schlag and Dreger observe. The good news go now is that there is plenty of time for construction and other affected employers to make their views known to the federal safety agency. A virtual public hearing on the proposed revisions will be held Sept. 21. See Docket No.